GS 115c-378


Columbus County Schools Truancy Program

Dropout Prevention/Driver's License Guidelines

Adequate academic progress will be evaluated at the end of each semester. A student must pass 5 out or 6 courses each semester (3 out of 4, if the high school is on a 4 x 4 block schedule) in order to be eligible to receive a driving Eligibility Certificate. Students who do not meet this criteria will be reported to DMV and will have their permit or license revoked. A student’s license will also be revoked if they possess alcoholic beverages, illegal controlled substances, weapons or firearms on school property and/or if they physically assault a teacher or other school personnel on school property. A student’s license will also be revoked if they are expelled or suspended and/or sent to Alternative School for more than ten consecutive days.

A student who drops out of school will lose his or her driver’s permit or license. 

Parents or legal guardians of a student wanting to pursue a Driving Eligibility certificate based on hardship must notify the school principal and/or the principal’s designee. The specific hardship circumstances are divided into four categories:

1. Medical Considerations           3. Exceptional Children Considerations

2. Work-Related Considerations   4. Other Considerations